Hey there! I'm Angie McElroy,

the woman behind all things tech and design for your doula business success. Yep, that's me! 😊

"My mission is to demystify tech and design for women with birth businesses everywhere. "

I've been in the game for over 11 years, diving deep into design, marketing, project management, and business operations. My mission is crystal clear: to make the complicated world of technology and design super simple, so you can rock your online presence and reach your business goals with absolute confidence.

I absolutely adore supporting birth workers who are navigating the ever-changing landscape of tech and design. I get it; it can be overwhelming! Whether you're stuck on website setup, or creating an eye-catching brand ,I've got your back. With my awesome trainings, courses, and templates, I'll guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll make you shine in your birth biz!


"I'm here to simplify technology and design for your birth business success."

So, let's talk about what I know like the back of my hand. Website design? Check. Online tech systems and integrations? Double-check. Digital products? Triple-check. Oh, and funnels, AI, and automation? You betcha! I'm a techie and a designer, after all!

If you are ready to get your major businesses items checked off your list - check out the Doula Business Academy - 8 weeks to birth your business!

  • Simplify complex technology and design concepts

  • Navigate website setup and customization effortlessly

  • Create compelling lead magnets and optimize funnels

  • Gain confidence in your online presence

  • Doula Business Academy

How It All Started

I've faced challenges and loss, and I'm determined to help you pursue your dreams."

You know, this whole journey started from my own challenges and experiences. In 2022, when my son was just three months old, I found myself without a job. Life threw another curveball in early 2023 when I lost my father to cancer. It hit me hard, and that's when I realized life's too short to wait. I decided I was only going to work with people who support women and believe in them! I can't think of anyone who is more empowering to women than a Doula. Such powerful work.


"When I'm not empowering birth workers, I enjoy quality time with my family."

But hey, even though I'm a tech-savvy boss, I'm also a proud wife and momma. My world revolves around my loving husband and adorable son, and I make sure to cherish quality time with them. Reading, fishing, and just being with my family make my heart happy. I'm all about that work-to-live not live-to-work life, and I encourage my clients to embrace it too!

So, that's me, Angie McElroy – your go-to techie & designer for doula business owners like you. If you need to launch that website and take your biz to the next level, I'm your girl.

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