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Demystifying tech and design for women building birth businesses everywhere.

I'm Angie McElroy

A tech and creative expert dedicated to helping birth businesses like yours thrive. I combine tech skills with design chops to create websites & setup systems that educate and attract clients.

Struggling to establish a unique online presence that sets you apart?

Overwhelmed by the technicalities and challenges of building an engaging website that truly represents your brand? Say goodbye to cookie-cutter templates and frustrating tech hurdles.

Imagine having a website that actually converts visitors into loyal customers.

Together, we'll craft a captivating online experience that reflects your vision and positions you as a leader in your industry. My tech and creative solutions are designed to elevate your online business to new heights.


Simplify, Persist, and Thrive

Let's build a thriving and fulfilling business that reflects your vision and goals.

I believe in the power of simplicity to solve complex problems, as well as the importance of persistence and resilience when facing challenges along the entrepreneurial journey. My ultimate goal is to build a thriving and fulfilling business that not only provides value but also allows me to make a meaningful impact in the lives and businesses of self-employed business owners.

Just for Doulas & Birth Workers!

Passionate Successful Doulas


Join our inclusive, supportive community of birth workers! ⁣ We are all community over competition and on a mission to grow our businesses to build a legacy of birth workers and create impact in our communities.

The Simple Doula
Business Checklist

This is in the format of an interactive Google Doc Workbook. It outlines all the things you should be attending to in your business. Beyond attending births, obviously.

The Doula Business Academy

This is an 8-week program, that will cover: business strategy, branding, attracting potential client leads, developing packages, launching your website, creating your business systems, having a marketing plan and delivering the highest level of client satisfaction!

Having a doula for my pregnancy and the birth of my son, changed my life. And for that I am forever grateful. I believe birth work may be one of the most important career fields in advocating for women. Not just for better maternal health care but in improving all aspects of our lives.

- Angie McElroy


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